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Lets introduce you to GRABBGO

Designed for carrying hot plates for plate service in the Hospitality and Catering Industry, the GRABBGO is made of long-lasting silicone moulded rubber which conforms to EU standard, Reach and LFGB. It is heat resistant to 200 degrees C - on average a food plate will be warmed to 75 degrees C, any hotter and the food will continue to cook on the plate.

The GRABBGO can be produced in any colour and can be personalised with a company logo printed on the thumb, allowing the client to see the logo as the plate is served. It is Eco friendly, food safe, easily washable, and easily able to withstand an industrial dishwasher.

The GRABBGO totally eliminates the need for service cloths thus offering enormous savings in laundry or contract hire linen costs. For example a 100 seater restaurant with 10 waiting staff using three cloths each on average per night equals 30 cloths per night at a laundry cost of 20p each, totalling £6.00 per night the cost of the GRABBGO hot plate carrier for all 10 staff is covered in less than a month.

Easy to slip on and suitable for left and right hand, you simply place your thumb in the slot and the flexible pad goes under the plate allowing you to ‘grab and go’.

For further information and enquiries please call 07554 434979 or email